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To compile, provide and maintain all books and reading materials for use as reference.

To cultivate, promote and provide for the enhancement of reading and acquiring for knowledge and to organize debates, forums, workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions and conventions for the purpose of promoting reading, books and knowledge.

To provide and to afford all facilities, necessaries and conveniences as available for the public and the members, employees and offices of the Foundation for study, research, cultivation and performance generally.

To undertake and transact all kinds of agency and all acts and business relative to the gathering and distribution of knowledge and of information of every sort of kind.

To provide for and furnish to nay member of the Foundation and public any books or other publications, instruments, conveniences, advantages benefits or special privileges which may seem expedient which the Foundation is capable of providing for either gratuitously or otherwise.

To adopt such means of publicizing the Foundation its objectives and businesses as many see, expedient and in particular by advertising through the print and electronic media, by issuing circulars and catalogues.

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